Capital Improvement Program

Proposed FY 2019/2020-2023/2024 5 Year Capital Improvement Program
Final 2019-2023 Five Year Capital Improvement Program


Construction projects and equipment purchases (excluding vehicles) that cost more than $10,000 or extend the life of a project or piece of equipment by at least five years will be included in the CIP.

The CIP is a plan that identifies the capital projects to be funded during a five year planning horizon. The CIP is updated annually and the first year of the plan serves as the current year capital budget. The CIP is a planning document that helps the City Council systematically schedule and finance capital projects to ensure cost-effectiveness as well as conformance with established policies. The CIP is organized into the same functional groups used for the operating programs. The CIP reflects a balance between capital replacement projects that repair, replace, or enhance existing facilities, equipment, or infrastructure, and capital facility projects that significantly expand or add to the City's existing fixed assets.

Every CIP project will have a project manager who will prepare the project proposal, ensure that required phases are completed on schedule, authorize all project expenditures, ensure that all regulations and laws are observed, and periodically report project status.

Any project within the CIP will go through the appropriate phases:

  1. Budgeting - Appropriates funds based on projects designated for funding by the Council through adoption of the Financial Plan.
  2. Design - Final design, plan, and specification preparation, and construction cost estimation.
  3. Construction - Construction contracts.
  4. Construction Management - Contract project management & inspection, soils & material tests, other support services during construction.
  5. Equipment Acquisitions - Vehicles, heavy machinery, computers, office furnishings, and other equipment items acquired and installed independently from construction contracts.
  6. Debt Service - Installment payments of principal and interest for completed projects funded through debt financing. Expenditures for this project phase are included in the Debt Service section of the Financial Plan.


The Public Works Department is pleased to submit the fiscal year 2017/18 to 2011/22 5 Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for the City of Seal Beach. The CIP is a vital program that outlines the City's infrastructure priorities. The 5 Year Capital Improvement Program can be viewed here.


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