Public Works Department

The Public Works Department operates and maintains the City's physical and natural assets. These assets include the City's infrastructure (water, sewer, and drainage systems) and public property including beaches, buildings, and parks. Our mission is to provide safe, reliable, and well-maintained infrastructure, facilities, parks, and landscaping.

The Department is comprised of two divisions that manage the City's assets: Administration & Engineering and Maintenance Operations. The Administration & Engineering Division is responsible for managing Capital Improvements, which include planned construction improvements to the City's roads, intersections, bridges, sidewalks, storm drains, traffic signals, water system, sewer system, drainage system, piers, public buildings, and parks. Maintenance Operations includes all activities that occur routinely or on a recurring basis. The Maintenance Operations Division of the Public Works Department operates a City Corporation Yard at 1776 Adolfo Lopez Drive.

The activities performed by the Public Works Department are delivered through a combination of in-house employees and external vendors. Utilizing external contracts allows the Department to keep overhead as low as possible while delivering the highest level of service.

If you are a private contractor and need a water meter, please contact the Public Works Department at (562) 431-2527 x1319.