Administration & Engineering Division

The Administration & Engineering division is responsible for directing, planning, organizing, and managing the infrastructure for the City's beach, buildings, sewer system, water system, parks, trees, landscape, and streets. Related activities include grant preparation, contract oversight, land development, construction activities, and coordination with various agencies such as the Coastal Commission, OCTA, and Orange County Public Works, among others.

The division also prepares and oversees the City's annual budget document and Capital Improvement Program (CIP).


The Administration & Engineering Division has adopted the following standard plans:


The City also uses the American Public Works Association (Standard Plans and Standard Specifications "Greenbook"), Caltrans, or County of Orange standards as necessary.

Wireless Communication Facility Permits

All applications and supporting information, documentation and other materials related to Wireless facilities in the Public Right of Way must be submitted IN PERSON ONLY at the Public Works Department counter located in City Hall, during the City's regular business hours. City Hall is open Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.; and holidays excepted; City Hall is also closed between 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. each day. You may schedule an appointment to submit the application, but appointments are not mandatory. For an appointment, contact the Director of Public Works at 562.431.2527 Ext 1319.

Public Works Permit (Encroachment) Application Form
Public Works Wireless Communication Facility Permit Application Package
SBMC 6.10.10 "Definitions"
SBMC 6.10.070, "Wireless Facilities in the Public Rights-of-Way"
SBMC 6.10.072, "Wireless Communications Facilities in the Public Rights-of-Way -- Eligible Facilities Requests"
City of Seal Beach Rules and Guidelines for Small Wireless Communications Facilities and Eligible Facilities in the Public Rights-of-Way " (Rules) Resolution 6894 approved by Council January 28, 2019.
Ordinance 1677 Amending Chapter 6.10 of Title 6 of the Seal Beach Municipal Code...Regulating Small Wireless Facilities and Eligible Facilities in the Public Rights-of-Way, approved by Council February 11, 2019.
City of Seal Beach Coastal Zone Map


To ensure all private and public activity on public right-of-way is conducted in a safe manner that does not destroy public property, the City issues various permits. Permits range from excavation to banners to news racks. To determine if a permit is required for your needs, and if your work coincides with a current paving and/or slurry moratorium, please call (562) 431-2527 x1319. In order to recover costs, a fee will be collected at the time of obtaining a permit. Links to various permit forms, fee information, and a paving/slurry moratorium map can be found below:

Public Works Permit Application

Transportation ("Haul Route") Permit Application

Fire Flow Test Application

Banner Permit Application
Paving & Slurry Moratorium


The City of Seal Beach performs sewer collection for residents. All sewer agencies, like the City, are required to maintain a General Waste Discharge permit with the state. The highest priority of the permit is to prevent Sewer “Spills”. The largest contributor to the cause of blockages and spills is fats, oils, and grease (FOG) getting into sewer lines.

Having an active program to limit FOG in the City’s sewer lines is a requirement of the City's permit with the state. The City has a FOG Control Ordinance, establishing legal authority for the City to control FOG discharge. The City implemented a FOG Control Program to enforce the Ordinance.

Restaurants are the largest contributors of FOG to the sewer system, so the City’s FOG program is tailored to them. All restaurants in the City are required to install devices that prevent FOG from entering the sewer system. Food Service Establishments (FSE's), per the Municipal Code, are subject to additional strict guidelines regarding maintenance of their FOG interceptors.

Informational Videos:
Prevent Sewer Clogs: Why You Shouldn't Dump Grease Down the Drain

Sin grasa y aceite por el desagüe!

FOG Manual


The Administration & Engineering Division's Land Development section is responsible for all entitlement procedures ranging from lot line adjustments to Parcel Maps to Certificates of Compliance. The City's grading ordinance was adopted in April 2008 and can be viewed using the link found below. A variety of forms related to land development can also be accessed using the links below:

Certificate of Compliance Information Sheet
Grading Manual
Application for Grading Plan Submittal
Application for Certificate of Compliance Exhibit
Application for Certificate of Compliance Recording Form
Application for Certificate of Correction Recording Form
Application for Conditional Certificate of Compliance Recording Form
Application for Extension of Time for Maps Information Packet
Final Map Information Packet
Application for Lot Line Adjustment-Parcel Merger Information Sheet
Application for Lot Merger-Lot Line Adjustments Exhibit
Parcel Map Waiver Information Packet
Application for Photographs and Photographic Location Map