About the City of Seal Beach

Serving as the northern gateway to Orange County's 42 miles of coastline, this quiet, down-to-earth community is the perfect seaside destination to call home, visit, or locate your business. Seal Beach is named after the seals that once frequented its beachfront. Today, the city is filled with quaint neighborhoods and hometown appeal.

Wide, sandy expanses and several great surf spots make Seal Beach a favorite community among locals, and conditions are ideal for kitesurfing, windsurfing, and building sandcastles.

Fun Facts

Location: On the coast, approximately 28 miles south of Los Angeles - between the cities of Long Beach and Huntington Beach.

County: Orange

Airport: Seal Beach is served by the John Wayne (Orange County) Airport (SNA), the Long Beach Airport (LGB), and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Seal Beach is 20 miles north of SNA, six miles south of LGB, and 27 miles south of LAX.

City Area: Seal Beach has a total area of 13.1 square miles. 11.3 square miles of this is land and 1.8 square miles is water.

Beach: 1.5 miles of beach, from 1st Street through Surfside

Pier: Seal Beach is home to the second longest wooden pier in the state of California. Originally built in the early 1900's, the pier was rebuilt in the 1980's after a storm destroyed two sections.

Parks: The current park system, as of May 2013, includes the operation of 18 parks for a total of 75.45 acres, four Community Centers, one Tennis Center, one Gymnasium (Indoor Sports Facility), and one Aquatics Facility.

Elevation: 15 feet above sea level

Rainfall: Average annual rainfall of 14 inches

Temperature: Average temperature ranges from 70º F in summer to 55º F in winter

Population: The population according to 2020 census is 25,282

City tree: Carob tree

City flower: Chrysanthemum

Government: Seal Beach is a Charter city, operating under the City Council-City Manager form of government.

City Council: The Seal Beach City Council is comprised of five members. Seal Beach's mayor is selected annually from among the City Council Members.

Employees: The City has approximately 100 full-time employees

Did you know that the City of Seal Beach was first known as Bay City, but there was already a Bay City located in Northern California? When the time came to incorporate on October 25, 1915, the town was named Seal Beach.