City of Seal Beach City Council

Meet the City Council Members

If you are interested in contacting a Council Member, please reference the information for each Council Member in the section below.

Thomas Moore
Thomas Moore - Council Member, 2019, 2023 Mayor
District Two (Leisure World, College Park West & Rossmoor Center)
Term Expires - 2024
Office: (562) 431-2527 x1502
Alternate: (949) 510-4994
Term: 2020 - 2024
Schelly Sustarsic
Schelly Sustarsic - Council Member, 2019, 2023 Mayor Pro Tem, 2020, 2024 Mayor 
District Four (College Park East & Town Center)
Term Expires - 2024
Office: (562) 431-2527 x1504
Alternate: (562) 431-3466
Term: 2020 - 2024
Joe Kalmick
Joe Kalmick - Council Member, 2021, 2022 Mayor
District One (Old Town & Surfside Colony)
Term Expires - 2026
Office: (562) 431-2527 x1501
Alternate: (562) 397-4124
Term: 2022 - 2026
Lisa Landau
Lisa Landau - Council Member, 2024 Mayor Pro Tem
District Three (Hill, Coves, Bridgeport & Heron Pointe)
Term Expires - 2026
Office: (562) 431-2527 x1503
Alternate: (714) 656-8000
Term: 2023 - 2026
Nathan Steele
Nathan Steele - Council Member
District Five (Leisure World)
Term Expires - 2026
Office: (562) 431-2527 x1505
Alternate: (714) 474-1272
Term: 2023 - 2026


Adopted June 12, 2023

  • Maintain a citywide perspective, while being mindful of our districts.
  • Move from “I” to “We,” and from campaigning to governing.
  • Work together as a body, modeling teamwork and civility for our community.
  • Assume good intent.
  • Disagree agreeably and professionally.
  • Utilize long range plans to provide big picture context that is realistic and achievable.
  • Stay focused on the topic at hand. Ensure each member of Council has an opportunity to speak.
  • Demonstrate respect, consideration, and courtesy to all.
  • Share information and avoid surprises.
  • Keep confidential things confidential, e.g., Closed Session meetings.
  • Respect the Council/Manager form of government and the roles of each party.
  • Communicate concerns about staff to the City Manager; do not criticize staff in public.

City Government

City Council District Map
District 1 Map
District 2 Map
District 3 Map
District 4 Map
District 5 Map

The Seal Beach City Council is comprised of five council districts.  Each Council Member is elected by the voters of the District that they represent. Please use one of the maps below to determine which Council Member represents your interests in your home or business.

City Council Meetings

The City Council meets the second and fourth Monday of each month. Unless otherwise announced, the meetings are held in the City Council Chambers at 211 Eighth Street and typically begin at 5:00 p.m. with a study session or closed session meeting. The televised portion of the City Council meeting starts at approximately 7:00 p.m. and can be viewed on cable television on channel 3 or on the City’s website through the Agenda, Notices & Meeting Videos option through the Government menu option.

The Oral Communications/Public Comments portion of the meeting is towards the beginning of the meeting. During this time anyone may address the City Council on any issue for a maximum of five minutes.

The City Council meetings are rebroadcast on the City’s cable television station (cable channel 3) the following Sunday at 4:00 p.m. Videotaped copies of the meetings produced at SBTV-3 can be purchased for $15. For more information about purchasing a copy of a meeting, please visit the SBTV-3 website.