Choose Civility

“Choose Civility – A wave of social change,” embraces and promotes meaningful dialog between the City Council, Boards and Commissions, staff, and the community.

On October 22, 2018, the Seal Beach City Council adopted Resolution 6870 establishing Council Policy 100-14 “City of Seal Beach Civility Policy” incorporating civility principles, encouraging positive (or at least respectful) communication, and discouraging volatile, hostile or aggressive actions. Further, it affirms the City Council’s intent to safeguard participatory democracy in Seal Beach. Under the proposed policy, all persons, whether public officials, staff, or members of the public, attending public meetings or engaged in business in a City facility in Seal Beach should strive to:

  1. Treat everyone courteously;
  2. Listen to others respectfully;
  3. Exercise self-control;
  4. Give open-minded consideration to all viewpoints;
  5. Focus on the issues and avoid personalizing debate; and,
  6. Embrace respectful disagreement and dissent as democratic rights, inherent components of an inclusive public process, and tools for forging sound decisions.