Planning & Development

The City Planning function promotes and enhances the well-being of residents, visitors, property owners, and businesses of the City of Seal Beach. Long-range planning is accomplished through the General Plan, which serves as the City’s road map and guides the overall form of the City. More specific development standards are contained in the Zoning Code, which regulates size and height of buildings, as well as specific types of uses and establishes the procedures for development approvals such as Use Permits, Modifications, and Variances.

Depending on the nature of a project, an approval may be issued by the Director of Community Development, the Planning Commission, or the City Council. The Planning Commission is comprised of five residents, one from each District, appointed by the City Council to review matters such as Use Permits, Variances, and higher-level planning and zoning decisions. Larger or more complex development projects involving General Plan or Zoning Amendments, Specific Area Plans, and special issues such as affordable housing are reviewed by the Planning Commission and City Council.

Current Topics

Draft Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance for Council Consideration August 14, 2023 (not red-lined)
Draft Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance
Notice of Availability - Surplus Property for Sale
Community Meeting – G & M Oil Company Station #01

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