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When is a Special Event Needed?

The City of Seal Beach adopted an ordinance that requires certain activities to obtain a Special Event Permit. ALL persons or organizations wishing to engage in these types of activities are required to obtain a Special Event Permit. Failure to secure a permit will result in the termination of your event, citation by the City, or both.

One-time uses or events that do not commonly take place on a property are considered Special Events. Events taking place on public property, events requiring street closures or some other private use of public areas are considered Special Events.

Examples of public & private property special events:

• Large assembly or gathering of people 
• Party on private property with live music
• Beach wedding (ceremony only - no receptions)
• Carnivals/fairs/large community events
• Christmas tree lots and pumpkin patch lots
• Haunted house events
• High school graduation night events
• Live music/outdoor dining
• Outdoor/sidewalk sales and street fairs
• Public fireworks displays
• Large, temporary structures like tents or canopies.
• Other Special Events as defined in the City Council adopted Policy Statement.

When is a Special Event Application Due?

Review and processing takes a minimum of 30 days for each Special Event application. Requests are forwarded to each Department for review and comment. Comments are generated based on the proposed location, event and impact on surrounding uses.  Once all departments have completed review, comments and conditions are coordinated to issue an approval or denial. Due to the need for staff review and careful consideration of each special event, applications must be submitted within the timeframe specified below. If this time period is not met, City Staff cannot process the request and the application will not be accepted.

1. A Special Event Permit Application for any event must be submitted no later than 4:00 p.m., thirty (30) days prior to the event date.
2. Due to the high attendance on the beach during the summer months, special events proposed at Eisenhower Park or on the beach during peak season are not guaranteed. Applications will be individually reviewed based on impacts to beach use by residents and visitors. Peak season begins the Friday of Memorial Day weekend and ends on the Tuesday after Labor Day.
3. Appeals – Any written appeal to Staff’s decision must be filed within five (5) calendar days of the receipt of the decision. A fee must be submitted at the time an appeal is filed.

How Do I Apply for a Special Event Permit?

To request City consideration of a Special Event Permit, the attached application and supporting documentation must be submitted to the Recreation and Community Services Department. All of the Application Submittal Requirements are listed on pages 3 and 4 of the application packet, and must be submitted altogether at the same time. If an application is incomplete, City Staff cannot process the request and the application will not be accepted. If an application is not submitted prior to the thirty (30) day timeframe, the application will not be accepted. City Staff will be available if you need assistance in completing the forms.

Please send the Special Event Application or any questions to:

Anthony Nguyen, Community Services Coordinator
Email: anguyen@sealbeachca.gov
Phone: (562) 431-2527 x 1344
City Hall: 211 8th St Seal Beach CA 90740