Ocean Lifeguard Employment

Information about the Seasonal Ocean Lifeguard tryout can be found here.

Seal Beach holds tryouts for Ocean Lifeguard in April every year. This is a highly competitive testing process requiring exceptional open water swimming skills and a high level of fitness. Applicants selected from the testing process will be admitted to the Seal Beach Marine Safety Training Academy and will be trained in First Aid, CPR, and ocean lifeguarding skills. The Academy spans over three weekends and 100% attendance is mandatory. Upon completion of the Academy, candidates will be tested on the material covered and eligible candidates may be hired to work for the Department as needed.

Minimum requirements for the position of Ocean Lifeguard are:

  • 18 years of age or a graduating senior from High School (under 18 requires a parent’s signature).
  • Valid California Driver License.
  • 20/40 vision, uncorrected.
  • Valid Social Security card.
  • All candidates who are hired must be available for full-time employment (40 hours/week) for the entire summer.