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23 June 2021


Seal Beach, CA – The Seal Beach Police Department arrested a man after he was
allegedly involved in a road rage incident in which he used bear spray to attack another

On Monday, June 14, 2021, at about 1:55 pm, the Seal Beach Police Department
received a call of a road rage incident which occurred in the area of Pacific Coast
Highway and Anderson Street. Officers discovered that two vehicles were traveling
southbound on Pacific Coast Highway when the drivers were involved in a verbal
altercation. One driver turned off of Pacific Coast Highway in an attempt to distance
himself from the other vehicle and end the altercation.

The driver of the victim vehicle parked his car on Anderson Street and stepped out of
his vehicle. The suspect in the other vehicle allegedly pulled up next to the victims and
sprayed the driver and the victim’s car with bear spray. The victim’s vehicle windows
were down and the spray entered the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

Bear spray is concentrated, and highly irritating aerosolized deterrent spray similar to
“pepper spray” which is generally sold in a larger container. After discharging the bear
spray, the suspect drove off southbound on Pacific Coast Highway and was not
immediately located.

Three people inside the victim’s vehicle, including one child, were exposed to the bear
spray. The victims all suffered injuries including eye and skin irritation. When officers
responded to the scene, they were also affected by the residual spray in the air and on
the victims. The victims were treated by Orange County Fire Authority personnel.

Several people in the area witnessed this incident. It was also partially captured on
video surveillance. Seal Beach Police Detectives began investigating this incident in an
attempt to locate the suspect.

On Sunday, June 20, 2021, the suspect was located in Riverside County. The suspect
was identified as Marcus Kelley, age 43, of Hemet, California. The vehicle was
described as a 2006, faded green, two-door Saturn.

Kelley was arrested without incident and booked at the Orange County Jail for assault
and battery, unlawful use of pepper spray, and felony child endangerment.

Seal Beach Police investigators have reason to believe that Kelley may have committed
similar crimes in the Southern California area. If you believe you are a victim or have
any information about this incident, please contact Detective Bruno Balderrama at (562)
799-4100 ext. 1109 or



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