3 April 2014

Seal Beach Vacation Rentals

Summer is fast approaching and many families are preparing for vacations at the beach. The City of Seal Beach is a popular destination for vacationers and tourists. Its quaint, small town atmosphere, abundant beachfront property, and local businesses make it an ideal location for summer vacations. In planning your vacation in Seal Beach, you may find properties that are offered as vacation rentals online. Before making any reservations, please check that the advertised property is licensed by the City of Seal Beach. There are fourteen (14) properties within Seal Beach that are permitted to operate as a vacation rental; they are the following:

  • 112 – 8th Street
  • 128 – 8th Street
  • 121 – 13th Street
  • 125 – 14th Street
  • 137 – 14th Street
  • 107 Ocean Avenue
  • 1001 Ocean Avenue
  • 1208 Ocean Avenue
  • 1310 Ocean Avenue
  • 1520 Ocean Avenue
  • 1616 1/2 Ocean Avenue
  • 1620 Ocean Avenue
  • 1205 Seal Way
  • 1215 Seal Way

The City of Seal Beach hopes that all guests have a memorable and pleasant time here in the community.

Please feel free to contact the Planning Division at (562) 431-2527 ext.1323 for any questions.