19 March 2014

Building Permit Fees Reduced

Did you know that many home improvements and even simple fixture replacements actually require a building permit? Building permits are a great way to ensure that your home improvement meets basic California Building Code standards. More importantly, it protects a homeowner’s investment in the event of an accident or if the property is sold. Building permits are intended to protect building owners, occupants, and the community!

As a result, the Seal Beach Community Development Department is pleased to announce that the City’s most common permit fees have been reduced and streamlined for your convenience. By making permits more affordable and accessible, the Department strives to increase participation of this service which benefits everyone in your community.

In streamlining costs we introduce a $25 flat fee to licensed contractors who obtain permits for water heater change outs (in the same location), retro-fit windows, and sola-tube installations. The Department recognizes these are very common and basic home improvements, which is why we lowered any cost barriers to getting a permit. These fee reductions affect all permits and ultimately translate into savings to you as a Seal Beach resident and consumer.

We are confident that these fee updates will encourage more people to have their home projects permitted to create a safer and stronger Seal Beach! Please feel free to contact the Building Division at (562) 431-2527 ext. 1323 for any questions about permits and inspections.