City Management Office

Welcome to the City Manager’s Office

The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and serves as the City’s chief administrative officer. The City Manager provides oversight, direction and assistance to effectively coordinate and implement the policies, programs and services adopted by the City Council. The City Manager appoints the City’s department directors, with the exception of the City Clerk and the City Attorney, and is responsible for ensuring the health and welfare of the public by providing quality, responsive, cost-effective services and programs to improve the quality of life for all residents. The City Manager is responsible for the submission and implementation of the City's annual budget in support of City Council goals that meet the needs of the community.

The City Manager is also responsible for Recreation & Community Services, Human Resources, Risk Management, intergovernmental relations, waste management franchise agreement, cable television franchise agreement, recycling programs, and cell site tower regulation.

Department Staff

City Manager, Jill R. Ingram

Telephone: (562) 431-2527, Ext. 1300

Assistant City Manager, Patrick Gallegos

Telephone: (562) 431-2527, Ext. 1308

Management Analyst, Nancy Ralsten

Telephone: (562) 431-2527, Ext. 1301

Executive Assistant to the City Manager, Tina Knapp

Telephone: (562) 431-2527, Ext. 1303