Maintenance Operations

The Maintenance Operation Division plans, directs, manages, supervises, and coordinates the activities and operations of this Division within the Public Works Department, including maintenance of beach, buildings, parks, trees, roadside landscaping, and streets; and oversees HazMat response


The Street Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining all City streets, sidewalk, curbs and gutters. A City map can be viewed here. The City bi-annually maintains records for pavement evaluations and ratings which can be downloaded here. The City adopts a Pavement Management Report every two years. The purpose of this report is to inventory and rate the quality of the pavements throughout the City. Then a plan is put together to optimize the spending of funds for the future. The report makes recommendations for the City’s Arterial Paving, Local Paving, and Annual Slurry Seal Programs.


The City’s Utility Maintenance Division is a large component of the Department. The City owns and operates its Sewer, Water and Storm Drain facilities. In order to manage, operate, plan and program, the City has prepared Master Plans for each of the three utilities to better serve and plan capital needs and projects.

If you would like to make a payment to your water bill please visit here.

The Sewer Master Plan can be viewed here. The City has prepared and adopted a planning document for the City’s Sewer System. This document identified all of the City’s sewers, constructed a model of the flow through the system, and recommended improvements related to maintenance on existing pipes and increasing of capacity of the existing pipes.Maintenance of the Sewer Lateral throughout private property extending to the Sewer Main is the responsibility of the homeowner.

The City of Seal Beach collects sewage and passes it on to the Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) for treatment. OCSD has an education program to encourage sending the appropriate materials down the drain. Additional details may be viewed at

The Water Master Plan can be viewed here. The water rate study can be viewed here.

The Storm Drain Master Plan can be view here.

Parks, Trees & Landscaping

The City contracts with Spectrum Landscaping, a private contractor to maintain the City Parks and Landscaping including medians and City facilities. A map of the area can be viewed here. The City contracts with Great Scott to maintain and trim the City Urban Forestry.

The City makes every effort to ensure the quality and maintenance of its trees. Trees beautify the landscaping of street medians and sidewalks while promoting better air quality in surrounding areas. To learn more about tree species planted in at the City of Seal Beach, maintenance information, planting operations, and standard practices please refer to the Street Tree Master Plan located here.

Street Lights

The City’s street lights are owned and maintained by Southern California Edison. To report a street light out, please call (800) 611-1911 or you can visit their website here.

Traffic Signals

The City operates a network of 23 traffic signals. 21 of the signals are located on Seal Beach Boulevard, Westminster Avenue, and Lampson Avenue. In addition Caltrans operates 8 traffic signals that are located within the City, on Pacific Coast Highway and Seal Beach Boulevard. A complete traffic signal map location can be viewed here.

Graffiti Abatement

The Maintenance Division is responsible for all graffiti in the public right of way. To report any graffiti please call (562) 431-2527 x1414.

Trash & Recycling

The City contracts with a private company, Consolidated Disposal, to provide trash, recycling, and green waste collection for all City residents and commercial businesses.  Residential accounts are billed and collected by the City via the bi-monthly water bill. Commercial business accounts are serviced and billed directly by Consolidated Disposal.

If you are a resident and have questions regarding service changes, collection dates, or what to recycle, please contact the Water Billing Dept. at (562) 431-2527, ext. 1314.  For bin replacement, holiday pick up schedules, or to arrange a bulk item pickup, call Consolidated Disposal Service at (800) 299-4898.

A map of the trash pick up schedule can be viewed here.

Street Sweeping

The City contracts with RF Dickson for street sweeping services.  Sweeping consists of all public streets, paved public alleys and specified parking lots in accordance with an established street sweeping schedule.  The city posts signs to indicate the sweeping time intervals so that cars parked along the road can be moved prior to the scheduled sweep. A map of the street sweeping schedule can be viewed here.  RF Dickson can be reached at 800.573.3222.  The following holiday's are observed by the city and street sweeping contractor and sweeping shall be cancelled on the following holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • President's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Veteran's Day
  • Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after
  • Christmas Day

Daily street sweeping operations may be cancelled from time to time due to inclement weather.  In the event of very light rain, sweeping operations shall continue.  However, in the event of heavy and sustained rainfall sweeping operations shall be cancelled for the day.  On rainy days, please check the City’s homepage for inclement weather updates to determine if sweeping operations have been cancelled for that day.  This information shall be updated on a daily basis.


The City’s Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining the beach and pier. The City’s pier is the second longest wooden pier in California. The City recently re-decked the approximately two-thirds of it surface to a smoother and walking deck. The project used a special wood type called Green Heart wood.

Buildings & Facilities

The City of Seal Beach owns and operates 37 facilities throughout the City. Some of the facilities include: City Hall, Old City Hall, the Police Station, City Yard Building, Library/Senior Center, numerous water facilities (wells and reservoirs), North S.B. Community Center, Marina Community Center, P.D. Safety Building,, Lifeguard Headquarters, Lifeguard Garage, Lifeguard Zero Tower, Beach Yard Building/1st St. Garage, 1st St./ Beach Facility, Zoeter Building (Day Care), the Girl Scout House, Fire Station No. 44, Fire Station No. 48, and the Seal Beach Tennis Center. the City has adopted the 2011 Facility Condition Assessment Report for all City Facilities. This report provides an in-depth review and analysis of the current condition of each facility and provides a recommendation of any immediate and long term repairs. The report then sums all the City facilities to provide a general overview and a planning document for repairs and/or replacements incorporating current local, State and Federal building codes, laws and regulations.


The Public Works Department provides vehicle maintenance for over 100 vehicles and equipment. The Department maintains vehicles for the Police Department, Lifeguards, Public Works, and City Hall pool cars. The fleet includes 90 vehicles, 2 motorcycles, 3 all terrain vehicles, 5 trailers, over 30 tractors and heavy equipment, and numerous portable generators.