Public Works

The Public Works Department operates and maintains the City’s physical and natural assets. This includes our “infrastructure” and public property including beaches, buildings, and parks. Our mission is to provide safe, reliable, beautiful transportation, utilities (water, sewer, & storm drains), facilities, parks, and landscaping.

The department utilizes two programs to manage these assets. They are maintenance and operations, and capital improvements. Maintenance and Operations includes all activities that occur routinely or on a reoccurring basis. The Maintenance and Operations Division of the Public Works Department operates a City Corporation Yard at 1776 Adolfo Lopez Drive. Capital Improvements include planned construction improvements to the City's roads, intersections, bridges, sidewalks, storm drains, traffic signals, water system, sewer system, drainage system, piers, public buildings and parks.

The activities performed by the Public Works Department are delivered through a combination of in house employees, and external vendors. Utilizing external contracts allows the department to keep staffing levels as low as possible and still deliver the highest level of service.

Memorial Bench and Expand the Forest Program

The memorial bench program has proven popular over the last ten years as approximately 80 benches have been placed throughout the community honoring the memory of Seal Beach residents. Bench sponsors can purchase a park bench under this program and City staff will install it for the public’s enjoyment. Benches can be installed in public parks and along public streets under certain conditions. The City recently developed a series of location maps that pin point the locations where park benches have been approved for placement. Bench sponsors can review these maps and select their preferred location when submitting their memorial bench applications.

In conjunction with the memorial bench program, the City has developed an alternative to memorial benches and the community now has the option of planting a memorial tree as part of the City’s Expand the Forest Program. Tree sponsors can purchase a 24-inch box tree in memory of a loved one and the City will plant and maintain it. Trees can be planted in several community parks and in two locations along the Electric Avenue Greenbelt. Maps that pin point the locations of pre-approved tree planting spaces as well as tree species are also included on the memorial bench maps.

Should you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Ernest Area, Maintenance Services Supervisor at 562-431-2527 x1321.

Expand the Forest Application
Memorial Bench & Tree Maps
Memorial Bench Application