Request for Records

Hello and Welcome to the Seal Beach Police Department Records Bureau

Our Division personnel provide a myriad of services to our citizens, as well as our own department personnel, government agencies and corporate entities.

The staff is responsible for maintaining and processing all the confidential information collected daily by our law enforcement personnel. This encompasses all crime reports, warrants, traffic accident reports, vehicle reports and statistical reports. The Bureau works in tandem with our Jail staff in processing bail and through our Court Liaison section holds the responsibility of presenting criminal cases to our District Attorney.

The Records Bureau works diligently with the California Department of Justice and we are vital components in maintaining the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System network which is pivotal to the management of the Division and our database of criminal links throughout the state, as well as the nation.

The Records Bureau also services the public at our front counter from 0900 to 1730, Monday through Friday with the release of reports, citation sign-offs, oversized vehicle permits, and vehicle releases, to name just a few of our counter duties.

In the year of 2009 some of our accomplishments include the processing of:

  • Entry of 2,980 reports
  • 4,050 citation entries
  • 580 citation corrections
  • 240 pawn entries
  • 519 Field Interrogation cards
  • 157 oversize vehicle permits
  • 14,000 reports purged
  • 110 vehicle releases
  • 932 arrestees processed

This is just a fraction of the highlights that our Records Bureau has been responsible for.

In this age of advancing technology, the Records Bureau is the hub of the police department and as the technology is available, the public will have the opportunity to request many of these services on-line as well. Currently Report Requests, Admin Reviews of parking citations and clearance letters are available on line.

The Records Bureau currently is staffed by:

Michele Hall
Records Supervisor

Amanda Scott
Community Service Officer

Police Aides

And are reached at 562-799-4100 ext 1144.

We are part of the police department’s Support Division which is managed by Lt. Bob Mullins