Seal Beach Jail

The Seal Beach Police Department’s Jail Services Bureau and its Detention Center’s (SBPDC) mission is to set the standard as a model police detention center, utilizing progressive custodial programs, professionally trained and State certified custodial staff, and continuous staff development, all effectively using available resources to protect the public, enhance the integrity of the law, and returning offenders to society as contributing members of the community.


  1. How does someone start the process?

    Start by calling the Detention Services office at 562-799-4100 ext. 1116 or email at The process starts by telling a staff member of the details about your case, which can be done by the attorney or by the defendant. The staff member will then take a telephonic application and will setup a face-to-face interview for you and the Detention Center Supervisor, Corporal Philip Gonshak.
  2. Is there an interview portion?

    Yes, there will be a face to face interview with the Detention Services Coordinator. Once the coordinator has evaluated the case details he will meet with you to discuss your prior criminal history and the details of your case.
  3. Does the attorney need to be present?

    The attorney does not need to be present for the interview but may be if he or she desires.
  4. What paperwork will be needed to start the process?

    Bring the following items to your interview

    - The latest court order
    - Health insurance card or state of California Health Access card
    - A copy of the police report (for the original arrest charge/s) for review
    - Understanding that the final order might not be available, this could be faxed or e-mailed when available
    - Application fee of $50.00 (please bring cash only and exact change).
  5. How long does the interview / acceptance process take?

    If all the necessary paperwork is completed, the interview/acceptance process could be as little as the same day. However, on most occasions the interview and acceptance process usually takes a maximum of three days. Once the necessary documents are received by the Detention Services Coordinator a decision will be made as to the acceptance. Assuming that the court has granted the private jail / city jail allowance, the only other hurdle will be the obtaining of the medical tests. The original minute order will also need to be updated to reflect the Seal Beach Detention Center language.
  6. Who is eligible to participate in the program?

    Due to the variety of felony and misdemeanor cases, decisions will be made on a case by case basis.
  7. Is Work Furlough allowed?

    Work Furlough will be allowed with the approval of the court. (See forms section for sample minute order language details)
  8. What work hours allowed?

    The court and the attorney will coordinate to create the work schedule. Reasonable allowances will be made for verifiable work schedules.
  9. What is the daily cost of the program?

    The daily cost of the program is $100.00for straight pay-to-stay time (No work release) or $120.00 for the work furlough/work release client. The additional fee is for the use of the GPS monitoring device.
  10. Are females allowed in the program?

    Females cannot be sentenced to the Seal Beach Detention Center.
  11. What medical tests will be required?

    If your sentence is for seven days or less, the only medical test necessary will be a tuberculosis test that shows a negative reaction (either done by skin test or chest x-ray). For sentences greater than seven days, several general health type blood tests will be required prior to entry into the program. See forms section for available forms to download including medical test requirements.
  12. Is the GPS a requirement?

    Yes. ALL Work Furlough inmates are required to wear the GPS ankle bracelet. During any given daily work period the inmate may be randomly “paged” which will require him to contact the jail immediately. Inmates who do not leave the facility for their daily work needs are not required to wear the device.
  13. Additional Questions?

    Please contact the Seal Beach Police Department’s Detention Center Supervisor, Corporal Philip Gonshak at (562) 799-4100 X-1117 or by email at


The below listed language will be required to be included in any minute order accepted by the jail staff. Work furlough provisions will not need to be included should the court not grant the status. Should additional language or restrictions be needed or agreed upon by the judge and attorney, those provisions will also be required. Additionally, Seal Beach Police Department City Jail time will be calculated based on the order and will not be subject to change without receipt of an additional order.


“It is hereby ordered that defendant be allowed should he qualify; serve his jail commitment at the Seal Beach Police Department City Jail.  

The defendant is granted good time / work time credit should it be granted by the Seal Beach Police department City Jail staff. 

The defendant may participate in the Seal Beach Police Department City jail Work Furlough Program. 

The defendant will be allowed to leave the jail facility between the hours of: (example 7:00 am through 5:00 pm for his five day work week.) The defendant must provide jail staff with a verifiable work schedule during the preceding week. 

(Note: if the court and the attorney agree on a different work schedule such as 8:00 am to 4:00 pm or a Tuesday through Saturday type of work schedule, these terms must be clearly stated in the order. Also, ensure that travel times and travel locations for traveling clients are addressed with the court and understand that reasonable accommodations will be considered for travel in and outside the local counties). 

The defendant participating in the work furlough program must wear the jail provided GPS ankle bracelet during the duration of confinement. (While the Seal Beach P.D. Jail Staff monitors the defendant via the GPS system and can determine his whereabouts, guarantees cannot made as to his activities) 

The defendant will be responsible for all NON-REFUNDABLEl costs associated with the confinement at the Seal Beach Police Department’s Detention Center. 

If the defendant violates any of the rules or provisions of the Seal Beach Police Department City Jail, he will be subject to immediate return to the Orange County Jail and forfeiture of all funds paid to date.” 


*Medical tests to be completed prior to admission to the Seal Beach Jail*

The following medical tests MUST be completed by your health care professional before you will be allowed to serve your time here at the Seal Beach Detention Center. These tests can be done by your own physician or at any clinic. Be sure to schedule the tests with enough time to allow for the results to be returned to you. Bring the results on the forms provided by the health care agency with you on your check in date or bring or fax them in prior. All tests need to be negative or within normal ranges or entry will be denied.

Failure to bring the tests results will result in denied entry into the facility.  

PPD for Tuberculosis (completed and read before check in)

Chest x-ray needed for prior positive tests. This means if you have ever had a positive test, you will need to have the x-ray.

(Below listed tests not needed for stays of less than ten days)

  • RPR for STD
  • CBC (Complete blood count)
  • H.I.V. test
  • Hepatitis panel
  • Complete Physical exam(Including Blood pressure)

Seal Beach Detention Center  

Sentenced inmate personal possession limitations  

  • Hygiene items, bedding and uniforms will be provided.
    • All items are subject to review and any item may be rejected. Rejected items will be held in safe keeping and returned upon completion of sentence or transfer to another facility.

Inmates Should Bring the Following Items:  

Undershirts/ t-shirts, plain- no graphics (7)
Socks (7)
Underwear briefs or boxers (7)
Pair of shorts (1)
Sweatpants (1)
Sweatshirt (1)
Pair of closed toe shoes, tennis shoe style (1)
Pair of shower shoes (1)

Inmates May Bring the Following Items:  

Ring, wedding, plain band, no stones (1)
MP3 player with headphones or walkman radio- NO cds or tapes
Soap container (1)
Toilet article bag (1) (EMPTY)
Paper/hardcover books (maximum of 5 in your possession)
Magazines (maximum of 5 in your possession)
Pair of eyeglasses (1)
Pair of contacts (1)
Pair of sunglasses (1)
Address/telephone book (1)
Photographs, no nude or suggestive in nature (5)
Bundle of miscellaneous papers; must fit into one legal size envelope (1)
Writing tablet (1)
Small fingernail clipper (1)
Batteries (8)
Unopened bottle of vitamins (1)
Watch inexpensive- value less than $20
Unopened cigarettes and plastic disposable lighter (no matches)
Money to be placed on inmate’s account; no more than $100. Funds may be replenished as needed. Funds may used for commissary purchases.

Inmates may bring and keep up to $100.00 cash for “inmate book fund” for commissary purchases.