Crime Statistics

In the files linked below you will find a wide variety of statistical reports detailing the number and type of Seal Beach incidents and cases, along with additional statistical information.

In many of these reports, criminal offenses are grouped in one of two ways: Part I and Part II crimes; or person, property, and behavioral crimes.

The "Part I / Part II" distinction is determined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for its Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) system; Part I crimes are considered by the FBI as the most serious and similar offenses reported by law enforcement within the United States, while Part II crimes are the less serious and may have less similarity in their reporting by each agency.

For more information about these statistical reports, for assistance in interpreting the data in the reports, or for instructions on how to request a custom report, please call (562) 799-4100 Ext 1111.

Crime Reports 2008

Crime Reports 2009

Crime Reports 2010

Crime Reports 2011

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