Beach Rules and Municipal Codes

  • No dogs or vehicles on beach. SBMC 9.05.090
  • No fires, barbecues, or any open flame on beach. SBMC 9.05.055
  • No smoking on pier or beach. SBMC 9.05.060
  • Any person fishing must have due regard for the safety of all persons on the beach or in the water. Fishing may be restricted or prohibited at the discretion of the lifeguard on duty. SBMC 9.05.010C/9.05.065A

Surfing/Swimming Area

  • No hardboard surfing of any kind in an area with a displayed “blackball” sign (yellow background with black circle).
  • No swimming/bodyboarding in the San Gabriel River at any time.
  • Times and locations may very seasonally or as conditions dictate.
    • Summer - 10:30 am-8:00 pm No hardboard surfing between Anaheim Jetty and Tower 7 (2nd St).
    • Winter - No hardboard surfing in posted “blackball” areas.
  • No tents allowed on beach. Any umbrella or device for shade must be open on at least two sides at all times. SBMC 9.05.025
  • No jumping/diving from pier. SBMC 9.05.070


  • Windsurfers and Kiteboarders must launch and land within the marked Aquatic Sports Area (ASA). 9.05.095 B
  • Once launched Kiters/Windsurfers must remain 200 yards offshore until ready to land. 9.05.095 A
  • No Windsurfing/Kiting in the San Gabriel River at any time. 9.05.045 B
  • No Windsurfing/Kiting within 100 feet of any swimmer, surfer or bather.  9.05.095 C.1
  • All Windsurfers/Kiteboarders must follow the direction of the on duty lifeguards at all times. 9.05.010